Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Would Abby Sciuto Wear to the Prom?

What would Abby Sciuto wear to an elegant event? If i had a daughter, i would hope that it could be one like Abby. Smart, quirky, with a flair of alternative thinking. Oh to be young again only this time instead of being a hippie, be a cute little baby bat goth girl. Perfect black bob haircut, blue lipstick and fun vampie clothing. If only...

Oh and if you don't know who Abby is you must watch some NCIS reruns. After being without TV for 8 years, i must say i am grateful for cable TV and the USA channel!!!

This unique wrist sculpture was inspired by the Queen of Goth Genius of NCIS and watching way too many Tim Burton movies!

I created this bracelet by crocheting black colored non-tarnish copper wire along with aurora borealis glass seed beads. Faceted magnetized hematite beads were woven into the wire interspersed with glass faceted beads. This combo creates a magical effect of reflecting light and subtle color like dew drops on a spider web.

Hematite is known for its properties to ground and protects us. Strengthens our connection with the Mother Earth, and makes us feel safe and secure. Known to add courage, strength, endurance and vitality. This stone dissolves negativity and prevents one from absorbing the negativity of others. It is also used for healing the blood, liver and kidneys.

Silver frosted bells dangle from this piece. Chic yet oh so Tim Burton! This wrist art could be worn to a formal event, goth prom or with a little black dress.

Measures about 7.5 inches long. Can be made smaller by 'scrunching" the wire delicately.

Closes with a magnetic clasp to make putting it on by yourself easy! Slide the magnetic clasp when taking off. Do NOT pull on it!
PLEASE NOTE that anyone who wears a pace maker should NOT be wearing anything with a magnetic clasp!

Made with love and magic in the Planet Calamari Studio.

See more pictures of this wrist sculpture and other crocheted wire jewelry at the Planet Calamari Etsy shop

Now go pour yourself a cup of Caf-Pow and watch an NCIS rerun...

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