Monday, May 29, 2006

Invoking the Goddess of Compassion
on this Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, I thought perhaps I would write on that outrage I have been feeling about the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and the possible attack on Iran soon. Trying to think of a way to express it without being disrespectful to those who have given their lives in the name of freedom was a challenge.

As I searched through the designs I have created down the years for Planet Calamari it occured to me that perhaps it would be best to focus my attention this year on Compassion for those who have been the victims of these wars.....not the outrage I have been feeling towards those who seemd to have caused it.

The Chinese Buddhist pray to the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Kuan Yin (also know as Quan Shi Yin and Kwan Yin.) It is said her name means "She who hears the cries of the world." Some Tibetan Buddhist have a similar Diety and refer to her as Tara. She has always been a favorite of mine. Pehaps she is just a Chinese version of the Virgin Mary that Catholics adore. Although there are many variations on her name and origin, for all she represents Compassion.

Her mantra is 'Om Mani Padme Hum.' (that is, 'Hail the Jewel -or pearl- in the Lotus.') Many believe that she is the female representation of Avalokitesvara, who is the Tibetan and Nepalese God of Compassion. In Asia, statues of Kuan Yin can be found in front of, or on the grounds of, many Buddhist temples.

On this Memorial Day take a moment and ask who ever you believe in to send Compassion for those who need it most during these trying times, and please say a prayer that perhaps soon in the future we will elect a government of people who rule with compassion, integrity and common sense.

For more info on Kuan Yin and how she is represented in other countries click on to wikipedia Kuan Yin

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Acupuncture....Healing the Planet

Would a few strategically placed needles save this planet?

Hoping everyone makes time to see Al Gore's new documentary
An Inconvenient Truth.

To bad our fearless leader George W Bush can't make the time to watch it and learn about the effects of global warming. Could it be that he will be attending a 12 Step Program for his addiction to oil instead? Perhaps we could suggest a few points to needle on Mr. Bush.

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Friday, May 12, 2006


Save the Internet: Click here

Time to take action!

Please click on and sign the petition.

Bug your congressmen.... remember they work for us...we pay them.

Pass this info to your friends.

We can stop Orwell's 1984 from becoming a reality. But we must all act now before it is too late!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Steven Colbert cracks the da Vinci Code!

"Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence."

Leonardo da Vinci

Planet Calamari would like to thank Steven Colbert who had the moxie to crack the code of silence which has plagued this country for the past 5 years. With mockery and gusto for all at the White House Correspondents Dinner, those 32% who base their reality soley on what Fox News reports were blasted with their very first dose of Truthiness.

The Emperor has no clothes and the Main Stream Media has no huevos. Please speak slowly so that the NSA can hear you through your wine glass. It's ok to leak a lie to start a war or out a CIA agent but please do not leak the truth...or you will be fired and maybe tortured. Mission accomplished and God Bless.

Thank you Mr. Colbert. You are a hero. From henceforth April 29th shall be known as National Truthiness Day. We shall hold a ticker tape parade in your honor every year on Planet Calamari. A flock of Eagles shall spell your name out across the sky as happy children sing the Steven Colbert Truthiness Anthem, in English and Spanish!

May the legend of Steven Cobert inspire others to speak out and break the code of silence.

The lastest design added to the Make Art not War series was inspired by
Leonardo da Vinci and Steven Colbert.