Thursday, July 01, 2010

Recycled Vespers of Notre Dame Earrings

I am still on my blue phase and reminiscing our travels to France and Montreal, Canada.

Of all the cathedrals i have been to in my life, none have ever had the magic of Notre Dame of Montreal. No matter what religion you are or are not- the beauty of this cathedral is mind blowing. The blues, the right touch of pink and gold are heavenly. Candles flickering and prayers being answered. And if you don't try.... you can still see angels flying around!

These earrings were inspired by the peaceful blue of the church.

Silver filigree discs form a chandelier of many shades of blue glass beads, hematite stars and moon charms. Made with love and magic in the Planet Calamari Art studio of Salem, MA.

Make a wish when you wear them for the first time.

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