Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nesting Syndrome....

Just in time for Easter, Pascha and Spring! Colorful wire birds nests with semi-precious stones, faceted czech glass beads, sea shells and charms. All pendants come with a delicate organza ribbon chain.

Mermaid's Nest of Delicate Sea Shells & Fresh Water Pearl

From Wiki Answers on What does a bird's nest symbolize:
"Birds and their nesting places are of significance to some cultures often depending on the colour and type. For example, the Chinese admire the manner in which a bird constructs it's nest piece by piece, gradually making it strong and protective.

Whilst some cultures may admire the nest, the bird itself is of more significance. The priests of ancient Rome and Greece took note of birds' flying patterns and formations to predict the future or what to do in a particular situation. They also dissected them to "read" portents from the entrails. Historically, birds have had impact on many cultures including Christianity.

Many cultures admire a bird's freedom as it flies and consider them as bringers of good news perhaps from the future as they fly out of view."

Pink Wire Birds Nest with Semi-precious Rose Quartz Beads

Black Swan Nest With Recycled Faux Pearls

Rebirth Silver Wire Nest with Violet Purple Glass Beads

Mid Summer's Night Dream Nest with Fairy

Dragon Nest with Terra Jasper Egg

Wishing you and your loved ones a magical spring and the blessings of a new beginning!

Please note that some of these will be listed on the Planet Calamari Etsy site in the next few days.

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