Saturday, September 01, 2012

Elvis has left the building...

This will be the last blog post on It's time for a fresh new start. 

I figure it is much easier for me to start a new blog than getting a make over. Of course i would love a make over so if anyone wants to nominate me to be on that show WHAT NOT TO WEAR i would appreciate it. Though- let's be clear from the beginning, i do not want a short haircut or twenty pairs of high heels. But if you can make me look like Gwen Stefani i will do anything they say. And i promise they can take my ugly crocs now that my fractured foot is almost healed. However the code to get into my storage unit is written on the side of one....

Thanks to my husband Norm, keeper of the web and official photographer of Planet Calamari, our site has been updated with a Wordpress blog. Much easier for a right brain squid to navigate. And it helps with the whole googleness of the site. (OK.. i don't speak web but that is what my husband keeps trying to tell me!)

For the few who have been following these posts i give you an 8 tentacles up salute!

Please visit our new blog, What is the sound of one tentacle clapping at