Sunday, July 02, 2006

There's No Place Like OM

Just Say Om!

With 4th of July around the corner I thought it best not to post anything political that would only make us sad or angry. Instead here is the Word OM and Symbol for it. May this holiday be filled with the compassion and love expressed by this.

Just say Om!

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There is so much to explain concerning the word Om and the symbol that I thought it best to have this link to Wikipedia which explains it much better than I could.

Click here for the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia article

Aum (also Om, ) is the most sacred syllable in Hinduism, symbolizing the infinite Brahman and the entire Universe. This syllable is sometimes called the "Udgitha" or "pranava mantra" (primordial mantra), because it is considered to be the primal sound, and because most mantras begin with it. It first came to light in the Vedic Tradition. As a seed syllable (bija), it is also considered holy in Esoteric Buddhism.

The Aum symbol is a ligature of Devanagari + (oṃ, encoded in Unicode at U+0950 , the Tibetan script variant at U+0F00).

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