Monday, July 17, 2006

The Monks and their Dogs of New Skete

A proverb in the time of Saint Bernard
Who loves me will love my dog also.--Sermo Primus.

I have just returned from a visit with the Monks of New Skete and their German Shepherds. It was such an inspiration to watch the Monks with their dogs. There is such a mutual bond of love and respect between them. The dogs are happy....very happy. The monks are down to earth men who seem to be able to balance living in this world and the spiritual side of it. It was amazing to experience it. So refreshing to see a religious group walk their talk and at the same time just be normal folks.

Their monastery is located in the mountains of NY and while there I felt as if I were in a remote European village. It was quiet, peaceful and only the sound of birds and the occasional bark. I was fortunate to be able to watch Brother Christopher train a few dogs. All i can say is....WOW! Anyone who has a dog or is thinking about getting a dog should read their books. For more info check out their website.
The Monks of New Skete
As I write this the monks are doing their nightly Vesper service. I have a feeling the dogs are too.

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