Monday, July 24, 2006

Artists for Peace

It has been almost 2 weeks since I have watched or read news. So nice not to be bombarded with images of things blowing up and flames raging in the background of Wolf Blitzer's head.

However today while at the laundra-mat, MSNBC was blaring in the background. Wow... the Middle East is fighting again... shocker.... and Tucker Carlson screaming from somewhere over there was not even wearing his bow-tie.... so it must be war! Ok...I do admit i peaked... however I was not tempted to go home and watch more.

This past weekend I watched a very interesting dvd called THE SECRET. It had to do with the power of creating a world you choose to live in. It's message was to focus on the positive. So if you are against war then be Pro-peace. If you are focused on being against the war or poverty or crime you only give it more power. (Sort of like the War on Terror isn't really doing very well.)

You can watch the dvd on the website The Secret
Please note that the website is very slow and takes a long time to load. It is worth the wait! I am hoping soon that the library will have it.

Artists for Peace on clothing and gifts

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