Sunday, July 30, 2006

Heal This Planet Please!

Ah... the lore of the Sunday paper. I have not really read any of the bad news in it for the past two weeks. Last week i read the sales, comics and the art section. Could not bear to read the front page. But there it was this bed ... with my coffee that i peaked and then peaked somemore. Bad idea. All bad, sad news. Nothing is changed. In fact i am sure things have gotten worse. Is that possible? HOW is that possible?

So we are cancelling the Sunday paper. Ignorance is bliss. I have been a happier person since i have let go of being addicted to the news. My worrying about the stupidity of our world leaders does not help anyone. On some level i am sure it makes it worse. Maybe if we all ignore them they will go away. Instead of Impeach Bush bumper stickers we could have Ignore Bush.

There is one reality that none of us can ignore. This planet needs healing. Maybe i will add a Visualize World Healing design soon! Meanwhile here is one that is appropriate.

Healing the Planet design

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