Monday, July 10, 2006

The Blessing Moon and Festival of Tara

Happy Full Moon!

In the Buddhist tradition, this Full Moon marks the Festival of Tara, the female deity of compassion.

7/7 to 7/14: Mahayana Buddhist festival of Tara/Kuan Yin/Kannon, Supreme Goddess of Nature and Perfect Buddha of many emanations; celebrates Her enlightenment and Her vow to help all sentient beings. [Buddhists act daily on their vows to help all sentient beings.] [6th Chinese month, 12th to 19th days]

* 7/11: Day Tibetan and Mahayana Buddhists do good deeds and chant the name of Buddha God Amitabha/Omito/Amida to gain entry to His Pure Land and aid in attaining nirvana. [a/k/a Amitabha Buddha Day, 15th day, UT Full Moon day]

May the Compassion of Tara, Kuan Yin and Amitabha pour down onto this planet.

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