Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrating Zevomas!

It is Zevomas here at Planet Calamari! April 14th marks the 18th birthday of Zevo hussein Calamari, founder of the infamous Pooses for Peace and CEO of Planet Calamari!

Hard to believe that this part siamese, tonkinese mix has been with me for 18 years. Longer than any relationship i have ever had!

Zevo was born in Escondido California under the bed of my dear friend Edie about 10 days before she passed away from a long bout of cancer. Zevo and her sister, Baby Pig (who has since passed away) came home to live with me, 3 German Shepherds, 2 cockatiels and another scruffy being we will not mention! This was the very first time i had ever had cats.

Zevo has been cooperative moving with me on my various escapades to Hillcrest San Diego, Toronto, Newton MA and now Salem MA. Who knows where we will all end up next...

For 18 years she has been by my side through all the various changes, ups, downs and absurdities in life. There is never a dull moment living with this Queen of Snark. Zevo is always ready to vocalize exactly how she feels and bites when the need arises. (You can follow her adventures by visiting her blog

Thank you Miss Zevo hussein Calamari for the love and constant entertainment you have given us. We love you!

To celebrate the life of this extraordinary feline and CEO of Planet Calamari, we will be offering 18% off all items at the Planet Calamari Etsy Shop on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Please use the code ZEVO18 when checking out.!

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johnniebelinda said...

She's a cutie