Tuesday, April 26, 2011

..........i surrender!

Today is the 18th anniversary of my dear friend Edie's passing. It was Edie who brought me to a Chinese doctor who gave me acupuncture and stinky herbs for my damaged lungs. She was the catalyst that changed everything in my life at that time. Giving up doing art for a living, going to acupuncture college, a divorce, moving, moving and more moving! I will be eternally grateful for her friendship and her wisdom. And like every anniversary of a friend's passing it makes me ponder things like ....what the hell am i doing? Life is precious. Time to live, laugh and love.

I often wonder when whoever is running the big show in the sky- whether it is GOD, The Goddess, the Universe, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, fill in the blank with your favorite Deity______. Whoever it is does He/She/It look down at us and think "Boy did I create some stupid humans or what?"

Maybe life really would not be so hard if we just paid attention to those little messages or signs sent to us. That billboard that reminds you to breathe. The song on the radio with that perfect message about a current situation. A bluebird sitting on your window sill. Your stomach hurts every time you walk into your cubicle at work. A friend suddenly passes away shaking up your entire belief system.

I find that whenever i try to force something to happen it either backfires or creates chaos. However on those days that i just allow life to just be without any effort it flows. Things happen in unexpected ways. So why is it so hard to just trust that everything will be OK? Who was the first human who discovered the power of worrying? Is it hereditary? Days like this i just want to stay home and watch the Wizard of Oz and eat twizzlers.

Perhaps the Wicked Witch of the west was just trying to tell Dorothy- STOP TRYING SO HARD... with her Surrender Dorothy sky message. Then again, none of us were sad when we all learned you could melt a witch with a bucket of water. (Need to test this theory out next halloween - i wonder if it works on warlocks with big egos?)

Dorothy always had the power to go back to Kansas. She could have clicked those ruby slippers in the beginning had she just believed. Of course- i never understood why she would choose to return to a monochromatic home to live with a mean aunt and uncle who tried to get rid of her dog.

I always wished for a sequel to the Wizard of Oz. Hoping that Auntie Em or Uncle Henry got the nerve to throw a bucket of water on Mrs Gulch. Maybe Dorothy started a dog walking business or became a motivational speaker on the power of belief.... and that the use of color was finally discovered in Kansas.

I invite everyone to surrender today... do something fun and foolish.

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June Lampert said...

Jeanie, this is absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for reminding me.....:)