Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Leaf Jumper Crochet Fringe Wrist Cuff

From the Happy Qi Fiber Art Collection by Planet Calamari

Imagine a big pile of brightly colored leaves all raked into a large pile. Close your eyes. Now jump in.... Roll around. .... Hear the crunch and crackle of the leaves. Breath in the aroma of autumn. As you wear this bracelet hold on to that Happy Qi feeling.

Crocheted with recycled yarn of earthy greens. Adorned with Italian fringe yard in vibrant colors of orange, purple, blue, yellow and olive. Crunchy Boho Chic with an I Dare You attitude.

Lightweight. One size fits all. Free shipping. Visit the Planet Calamari Etsy site to learn more.

Made with love and magic in my Salem Ma studio. Please visit our website for more art to wear.

Happy Holidays from Planet Calamari.

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