Thursday, November 25, 2010

Iris Apfel

“(My look is) either very baroque or very Zen –
everything in between makes me itch.”

Iris Apfel

When i am an old lady i hope that i have the savvy and the bone strength to dress like Iris Apfel, sans the big bug glasses. It amazes me that this little old lady can wear all those bracelets without toppling over. How can she hold a glass of wine with 40 pounds of silver on each arm? Maybe she drinks using a bendy straw. Obviously these things do not seem to phase her.

I had never heard of Iris Apfel until last year when her exhibit came to the Peabody Essex Museum. The streets of Salem were buzzing with her name. Parties and fashion shows featuring Salem's fashionistas and wanna-bees became the latest rage. (Being neither and now known as Salem's anti-social dog lady, i was not invited!)

It was Iris who planted the seed in my imagination for the Planet Calamari Happy Qi wrist cuffs. I love the look of big bright fun bracelets but did not the weight of them. We should not suffer just for the sake of decorating ourselves. Accessories, like shoes are much more fun when they are comfortable.

Watch Iris talk about her unique sense of design on this youtube -Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel, Peabody Essex Museum of Salem MA

“I think dressing up or down should be a creative experience. Exciting. Fun. For me the key to personal style lies in accessories. I love objects from different worlds, different eras, combined my way. Never uptight, achieving – hopefully – a kind of throwaway chic.” Iris Apfel

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