Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dragonfly Totem Medicine Wheel
Fiber Art Cuff

From the Medicine Woman Fiber Art Collection.

This piece was inspired by the Animal Medicine Cards Deck. Each card represents an animal totem once revered by the Native Americans. The dragonfly represents many things around the world. To the Chinese, it is a symbol of happiness, good fortune, harmony and prosperity. Other cultures, such as Native Americans, associate the dragonfly with purity, swiftness, and happiness. The dragonfly is a creature of both the wind and of the water.

This crocheted handcuff was made with black merino wool. An indigo blue yarn medicine wheel with a multi-colored border of Italian yarn in hues of purple, orange, fuchsia is layered on top. In the center of the medicine wheel is a dragonfly which appears to be made from bone, thankfully it is not. Instead it is made from some sort of resin plastic. This dragonfly is surrounded by glass clear beads with one very small silver toned full moon charm.

On another medicine wheel made of the multicolored Italian yard is a sterling silver half moon with stars. Seashells, white feathers, a clear semiprecious crystal bead, a green agate bead, hematite star and a Rudraksha prayer bead adorn the cuff.

Multi-colored fringes made from Italian yarn add a touch of boho glamour. The cuff is about 3 inches wide and the fringes range in size with the longest reaching about 6 inches from the top of the cuff.

One size fits all. Lightweight. Gently slide the cuff over your wrist. You may need to "fluff" it after taking out of its gift wrap. Shipped USPS priority mail with insurance. To see more of this cuff on the Planet Calamari Etsy Shop click here

Add a touch of dragonfly magic to your holiday outfits. A lovely stocking stuffer for your favorite medicine woman.

Made with love and magic in my Planet Calamari studio located in Salem MA studio. Visit our website for more art and jewelry at www.planetcalamari.com

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