Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recycled Prayers Series

The Recycled Prayer Art to Wear series all started with a tangled capiz shell curtain on its way to the kill shelter also known as the dumpster. I purchased it at a reduced price thus rescuing it.  

A week later i adopted several books my parents bought in Italy and a box of holy cards that were destine to go to the Goodwill or worse... their recycle bin aka the garbage can. That very same week i took an auspicious trip to the National Cathedral in Washington DC alone. I believe it was the combination of meditating on stain glass windows for two hours, lighting candles for miracles, fracturing my foot and then losing our electric power during a thunder storm for  3 days that this idea was born. 

Italian Madonna and Child on Green Capiz Seashell 

Vintage St Christopher on Green Capiz Seashell 


 Love Monkey on Recycled Green Capiz Shell

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