Monday, February 21, 2011

In Need of a Spring Make Over

I have been fantasizing all winter about getting a complete makeover. One like those surprise attacks on What Not To Wear. (Considering that i have not had cable for about 6 years, i am not even sure that show is even still on TV or that people even remember it.) It was one of my favorite Friday evening shows. Yes there are days i miss having TV, but not enough to sign back up with evil Comcast.

How luxurious would it be to have a team of experts work round the clock on completely changing hair, clothing and make-up on a much needed recipient? (Most days, i work with dogs who like to lick my face, so make up is worn on the rare occasion, not to mention i live in jeans. They do not seem to pick up dog or cat hair. )

Now that i am treating women one day a week at the Acupuncture Center of Salem it would be nice to dress appropriately. No need for designer threads. However new ones would be a treat. And to be instantaneously transformed into a new woman. Oh to have a decent haircut. A fabulous hair color. Is that possible? I have yet to get a decent haircut here in puritan Massachusetts. Inevitably i end up running home with a bad cut, a color that never took and rushing to the bathroom to chop on it myself, cursing the money and time spent listening to bad music and a hairdresser with a huge ego.

This weekend under the duress of frigid weather and feeling old, the urge to run off and be transformed into Gwen Stefani loomed. Platinum white hair. Red lipstick. Attitude, confidence and cute shoes. I have no idea what she even sings. But i want whatever she is drinking please.

So instead of attempting to bleach this wild medusa head of multicolored hair, i decided to give the Planet Calamari Etsy shop a makeover. (Plus it was an assignment from one of the Etsy teams i just joined.) Cheaper than transforming myself and probably much safer in the long run. I am sure my husband is thankful i did not try to dye my hair with bleach or crazy colors (again).

Fortunately it was a long weekend with the Presidents Day holiday. After a traumatic trip to one of my least favorite places, Home Depot (close tie with going to the dentist), my husband, now the official Planet Calamari photographer and i picked out a few ceramic and marble tiles for the photo shoots. Two days later most of the jewelry has been re-shot with the help of the cats.

A new shop banner was made....over and over. Changes in product descriptions, tags, and all those tiny details that add up were made. Yes there was wine involved. Did i mention it is a holiday weekend? Even acupuncturists are allowed to take off once and awhile!

It is 7:00 PM on a freezing Monday. I am sitting in a pair of ratty holey jeans. So holey that i should not be allowed out to even walk the dog in them. No makeup on. Hair is still wild, big and several shades of eggplant, brown, burgundy, with a few renegade white ones.

However.... the Planet Calamari Art Galleria Etsy shop now has a new look! Maybe Gwen Stefani will buy a few things for her old friends Stevie Nicks and Cyndi Lauper.


d. moll, said...

The new Etsy look is great, very clean and inviting, the photos show your pieces to good effect. Indeed, what to wear, I can totally relate...but the brown, purple and little teeny white bits medusa-do sounds, well kind of like a trend setter!

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