Sunday, February 21, 2010

planet calamari spreads its tentacles

What is the sound of one tentacle clapping?

Thanks to all of those friends and family who have been so supportive as i make a small transition back to playing artist. It was fun to take almost a whole week off from treating patients to create again. This coming week it's back to work. I am so grateful that i love what i do for a living. There is no temptation to return to art full time. The biggest challenge however, will be attempting to balance work with play. These past few years i have turned into a work-aholic, good for business but detrimental to physical and mental health. The muse has returned just at the right time.

If a squid claps in the ocean does it make a sound?

Ever since i can remember, i always wanted to do a line of greeting cards but could never figure out how without spending a fortune on start up. My ideas are too absurd for Hallmark. I finally found a way to make this possible through the magic of Zazzle. After resurrecting some old art from some of the books i have illustrated, Greetings from Planet Calamari Greeting
was born. More designs will be added when i have to time to search and rescue the lost art from our ghost ridden attic.

A rabbi, a priest and a squid walked into a bar.........

Two weeks ago i discovered the Etsy site. A perfect solution to selling handcrafted art on line with out having to deal with a gallery. So much easier too. More mixed media pieces and jewelry will be added on the Planet Calamari Etsy site as soon as i can figure out the best way to photograph them. It has been the biggest challenge with the lack of sunlight this past week...and time. (In fact let's just blame the lack of sunlight for everything that has gone haywire lately.)

For all those on facebook, Planet Calamari now has a fan page planet calamari art galleria It is my hope to post art related articles and news as well as other artists on this page.

If you are an artist, musician, photographer, or writer check out the site. Its a free site to post and sell your work.

Wishing everyone a happy last week of February and Chinese New Year. Spring is around the corner!


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