Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Etching of St. Juan Diego by Jose Guadalupe Posada

The Virgin of Guadalupe is one of my most favorite Mexican icons. After living so close to the Mexican border for so long, it is hard not to associate this image with more than just the Catholic belief. It is the symbol of Mexican culture and ancient civilizations that lived there long before the rise of christianity.
The Wikipedia article explains it so much better than i ever could.

From Wikipedia :
"The Virgin of Guadalupe has also symbolized the Mexican nation since Mexico's War of Independence. Both Miguel Hidalgo and Emiliano Zapata's armies traveled underneath Guadalupan flags, and the Virgin is generally recognized as a symbol of all Mexicans. The Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes once said that "...one may no longer consider himself a Christian, but you cannot truly be considered a Mexican unless you believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe"

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