Sunday, June 10, 2012

Once upon a time there was a capiz sea shell curtain all tangled up living at World Market. Not sure what to do with it, employees walked by it for several months pretending to ignore it. One night i had a vivid dream with images of all the possibilities of things to create with these poor battered shells. So pressured by the guilt that these shells would end up in a stinky dumpster, i bought the curtain. I could almost hear the sea shells screaming thank you.

For sea shell geeks, Placuna placenta, also known as capiz or windowpane oyster, is a bivalve marine mollusk in the family of Placunidae.

Oysters and their pearls were once held sacred by the Celts.  The Cauldron of Regeneration is said to have been lined with pearls, and when Morgana  Goddess  of the Sea  appeared in the guise of the moon, she was called the ‘Pearl of the Sea’.

This one of a kind piece was created by crocheting strands of bronze non-tarnish silver plated wire. Weaved into the strands were capiz shells in lovely sea hues of blue, chartreuse peridot greens and glass beads of sea mint green and lavender.

The neck sculpture is about 21 inches long and closes with a bronze lobster clasp. It can be gently "scrunched" to be made smaller or a different shape as the wire is very easy to manipulate. The green sea shells are 2.25 across and the teal blue shells are 2 inches across.


This necklace makes a statement and is not for a shy woman. Its bold and beautiful. Wear with confidence. A lovely accessory for an elegant evening, sea cruise or beach vacation. I have several pairs of earrings created from the capiz shells that could be worn with this necklace.

Click here for more info on this neck sculpture

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