Monday, April 02, 2012

The Magic of Dragonflies

Of all the animal totems the dragonfly is one of the most magical. Shimmering wings in iridescent colors The dragonfly symbolizes change and self realization. It is the understanding of a deeper meaning of life. Living it too its fullest, flying above the mundane. Many cultures believe the dragonfly symbolizes prosperity and good fortune.

This dramatic neck sculpture was created by crocheting midnight black non-tarnish copper wire with teal sea green and aurora borealis glass seed beads intertwined. Faceted glass beads and delicate green and pink beads were also added giving this neck sculpture an ethereal effect.

I painted two silver dragonfly charms with enamel paint. The 2 inch wings are an iridescent purple and their bodies a blue green. The dragonflies are wired on to the piece securely. In between sits a semi-precious amethyst flat round bead with a purple with peacock eyes lamp-work bead hanging. These dragonflies appear to have landed on a pond as the teal green glass beads reflect light with movement.

Amethyst is considered to be a stone of spirituality and contentment. It can help raise a lower vibration energy to a higher one. Amethyst can be used to attract love, happiness and peace of mind. It is said to have the highest vibration of all stones.

Click here to see more of this crocheted wire neck sculpture.

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