Sunday, May 16, 2010

Year of the Pig
Painting a Chair from In A Pig's Eye

During a moment of insanity i volunteered to paint one of the chairs from the infamous Salem pub In A Pig's Eye for the Julia Gauthier Scholarship Fund. These were the old chairs used at the Pig before the new ones arrived. A chair will be auctioned off every Friday during their Blues Jam.

The only requirement was that the theme had to do something with Pigs. At first i thought i would do a Pigs in Space chair, visions of Miss Piggy in space. Then decided it would be cool to do a Native American theme with dream catchers, corn, feathers and pigs but Nubi my cat decided to help with the dream catcher and it was futile. A porcine Karl Rove crossed my mind for a second but who is going to buy a rabid republican chair in a blue state! So after agonizing over my options, my TCM heart decided on a Chinese theme chair.

The Year of the Pig!

I am not sure when this chair will be auctioned. (It is still sitting in my kitchen waiting for to be walked over to the Pig. Will post more about this event later.

I am just so happy it is finally finished! I added a pig acupuncture chart on the very bottom of the seat a few minutes ago. Will post that pic later.

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