Friday, October 31, 2008

Possible Restrictions On Wearing Political Gear At Voting Booths

"Quick “public service” note from CafePress letting you know that come Election Day, in some states, it’s prohibited to wear political gear at the voting booth (seriously). In fact, donning political attire may result in your being turned away -- and in some cases, your arrest.

By definition, displaying political messages on T-Shirts, buttons and such is considered “Electioneering” (defined as, To work actively for a political party). To prevent voter intimidation, electioneering is not allowed near some state’s voting booths. Be sure to look into restrictions in your neck of the woods. To get you started here are a few recent articles discussing electioneering:

Issue of what not to wear emerges as voters go to polls

County won’t allow “passive electioneering”

We’ve also posted a CafePress-style Public Service Announcement (wink wink) on our blog, outlining the issue. You can watch it here: cafepress

So feel free to speak your mind with political gear from CafePress, but be careful what you wear to the polls on Election Day. "

Happy Voting,
The CafePress Team

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