Thursday, March 06, 2008

John McCain Accused of Genocide

People are saying that in support of special interest groups John McCain unlawfully created legislation that forcibly removed and relocated 10,000 Navajo people to a nuclear waste site to fund his presidential campaigns for The White House. Over 2,500 of which have died as a result.
by Kipper Mathews

"The Denih tribe of the Navajo people have accused Senator John McCain of genocide against their people through unlawfully obtained legislation he arranged in a deal with the energy companies of Peabody Western Coal Company (PWCC) and an affiliate of Bechtel, the Mojave Generating Company.

On their web site listed below they say McCain used a phony and unauthorized counsel of the Denih, to pass legislation know as the Navajo Resettlement and Navajo Accommodation Agreement, which authorized the U S government to evict and relocate 10,000 of it's people to Church's Hill, where the worst nuclear waste site that ever happened in the United States occurred.

He passed this legislation to allow PWCC to do strip mining for coal on their ancestral land to generate low cost electricity for Las Vegas Casinos.

As a sweetheart deal to go with it, McCain's wife was awarded a lucrative beverage sales deal with the casinos.

t is said by the Denih, that the forced relocation to the contaminated site has caused the death of more than 2,500 of those relocated, and those that were allowed to stay on their land are being exposed to toxic contamination as well due to the mining operations.

John McCain has used the "contributions" from this deal to help fund his Presidential bids.

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